Solar Control

Solar control glass can be used to keep interiors more comfortable by preventing excessive heat build up in sunny weather reducing the need for costly air conditioning or blinds.

It allows sunlight to pass through a window or facade while radiating and reflecting away a large degree of the sun’s heat. The indoor space stays bright and much cooler than would be the case if normal glass were used.

Solar control glasses save money by reducing the amount of energy used by heating and air conditioning systems and boost comfort levels inside the building by controlling indoor temperatures and light levels.

Solar control performance, as expressed by the glass’ solar factor, will vary according to:

  • the quantity of heat absorbed by the glass
  • the quantity of reflected heat


How does it work

Solar control glass has a microscopically thin coating on one side that reflects heat from the sun to the outside. This helps to prevent overheating in large areas of glazing. It can also reduce uncomfortable glare from direct sunlight.


Using a solar control glass allows for large areas of glazing without excessive heat build up in summer. This is particularly useful in glass conservatory roofs or south facing glazed areas.

  • Reflects heat from the sun to keep interiors cooler, even with large areas of glazing such as facades and offices.
  • Less need for costly air conditioning or unsightly blinds for maximum light and a feeling of space.
  • An energy efficient way to keep interiors cooler.
  • Filters uncomfortable glare from the sun, whilst letting in lots of natural light.

They can be combined with many other products for multi-functional glazing, low-maintenance, noise reduction, decorative glass and enhanced safety and security.

Solar control glass is ideal for commercial and office buildings where the need for additional light means large areas of glazing are required, creating a light space without excess solar heat.